Brice Bonaventure

"Yes, I am a houngan. No, I do NOT raise the dead."


Agility d4, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8

Derived Statistics
Charisma 0, Pace 5, Parry 6, Toughness 6, Grit 1

Fighting d8, Riding d4, Knowledge (Undead) d6, Notice d6, Guts d6 +2, Intimidation d6, Faith d8

Heroic (Major), Slowpoke (Minor), Loyal (Minor)

Arcane Background (Miracles), Brave, Voodoo

Worst Nightmare
The mirror through which he sees the ghosts of his sister, Edwidge, and the bokors who plotted her death.

Saber (1): Melee, 2d6 damage. Once belonged to Baptiste, Brice’s father and a Haitian Revolutionary veteran.


Born to Lt. Baptiste Bonaventure and a merchant’s daughter in 1830, Brice Bonaventure and his sister, Edwidge, grew up in impoverished circumstances after their grandfather’s business fell apart. Brice’s father, a devout Roman Catholic who abhorred voodoo, trained his son in swordplay but was otherwise distant from him. When Baptiste left the family, Brice was barely a teenager, but he quickly became head of the household and a houngan sur pwen, or junior priest, to repudiate his father as much as possible. For twenty years, he loyally served his hometown and fought bokors, never questioning those who sought him out for aid. He even found a woman, the mysterious Brigitte, whom he thought would be the love of his life.

However, a string of unexplainable deaths wracked the town; suspicion fell on the unwed Edwidge, and she committed suicide after Brigitte told Brice that Edwidge had threatened to kill her. Unfortunately for all concerned, Brigitte was the actual murderer and a bokor herself. Brice, remorseful over his sister’s tragic end, tracked Brigitte down to his hometown, where he witnessed the massacre of innocent villagers by Brice’s ostensible lover and her sorcerous colleagues. The cultists saw Brice’s reflection in their mirror, but Brice easily dispatched them with his saber and reluctantly killed Brigitte after failing to redeem her. Shaken by Brigitte’s betrayal of his trust, Brice left Haiti and attempted to find solace in America…

Brice Bonaventure

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