The year is 1879, but history is not our own

In the Deadlands timeline, the Civil war raged for far longer than in ours, and ended only 9 months earlier and in a stalemate. And though the war is over, conflict still rages. One major conflict in the Wierd West is the Great Rail Wars, a war fought with sabatoge and intrigue as much as bullets and blades. Any who try to ride the rails takes their lives into their own hands. The prize this conflict is over? The ownership of the first transcontinental railroad, and all the wealth, power and influence that will bring to the Rail Baron who accomplishes this feat. But whoever wins, whether it’s Black River, Union Blue, Dixie Rails, Bayou Vermillion, Iron Dragon, Watsach, or a minor line will have to crush their opponents, survive the hazards of the West, and ultimately deal with the mysterious and charasmatic Rev. Grimme and his Cult of Lost Angels before they can claim this prize.

Those who fight in the Rail Wars are known as Rail Warriors, and it is these men and women who are the main representatives of the conflict. It is their blood, sweat, and tears that allow the Barons to make their gains and keep their respective railroads running. They come from all walks of life, whether they were soldiers or outlaws, scientists or shamen, hucksters or blessed, immigrant or native. Their motives for fighting are as diverse as their origins, ranging from patriotism to greed to pride to honor.

Enter the players … a group of these Rail Warriors who have signed with Watsach, owned by the most well known mad scientist of the Wierd West: Darius Hellstorme. But will they tip the scales in Watsach’s favor? Or will they discover secrets some of the Barons want hidden? For some of the stranger things in the Weird West have their own hands in the Rail Wars, and if the wrong line wins the the railroad to the west, might wind up being the Railroad to the Reckoning!

Railroad to the Reckoning

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